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How It Works

Hello my name is Dan Riley; I am the owner of “Make Life Easy”: I want to thank you for taking the time to review our business site. Please read below to find out how we are committed to your long term success while helping the truly needy.

Make Life Easy is something that will really help you make a difference that is truly a win‐win? Welcome to the heart of Make Life Easy. This is the world’s simplest and most beneficial business ever conceived. Make Life Easy was born from a passion to change the MLM / Network Marketing atmosphere from the promotion of products to the promotion of people. This is Network Marketing with a purpose.
Make Life Easy Was Created To Solve Two Problems:
1. To create a second long term income that can realistically become your only income if you are passionate about truly being a humanitarian and philanthropist.
2. To become a visible hand of hope to people who truly need help. Make Life Easy is the on-line platform for truly beneficial works that are produced off-line.
As a team lead just mention “Make Life Easy” to everyone you speak to throughout the day; either on social networks or in person about your passion to help those in desperate need … children, individuals, families and those that keep us safe and free; our MILITARY Heroes. Using your phone, Tablet or Laptop; show them Make Life Easy website … As you talk to them about Make Life Easy, and how it can help them create residual income while helping others. Just sign them up on the spot or send them the link to your personalized Make Life Easy registration page so they can sign‐up as a member or pledge a donation in the amount of their choice. As you begin to build your team, you will be helping people who desperately need our help while creating a long lasting income for yourself.
All team members pay $50.00 a month. You are paid 10% for each team member in your network on each of the first three levels below you. Make Life Easy will use 10% of the money from our team members to distribute goods such as (food; clothing; blankets and more) to the truly needy every month on behalf of each team member. All team members will have the ability to see the good works we are doing as the Make Life Easy Community grows and spreads as a major humanitarian effort. As a team member of Make Life Easy; you will never have to wonder in what way your efforts are helping. You will receive a newsletter “Good News” each month along with your personalized report card detailing where your aid was spent and with whom. You will see that you are a part of something amazing!
Team Lead Success Formula you can use: Set your goal at 10 team members. Work together with your team; encourage them to get there 10 team members … and so on. Now if each of your team members has 10 and each of their team members have 10, you will have 1110 team members in your personal network! 1110 x $50.00 = $55,500.00 a month. You get 10% of that which is $5,550.00 per month.
Donation Program:
We also have a donation program … The donation goal for each team member is $125.00 per month. This creates an additional revenue stream allowing Make Life Easy to help more people and team members that bring in the donation create an additional income.
The Percentages Look like This:
Each team member will try to generate a Donations Monthly Volume of $125.00. This is a goal that we all should strive for as it is the heart of the business. You are paid 5% for each team member in your network on each of the first three levels below you. At least 50% of the donations will go to help the needy.
Here is how you can “Make Life Easy”:
1. Go to the “Just Sign up” page and register to receive your team lead personal profile and member link along with a newsletter “Good News”. Your team lead member link will show up in the email that you used in the registration form. Your profile can be personalized to help you spread the Good News about Make Life Easy …
2. Promote your team lead link with people online and offline. Those interested in the business, who want to earn money and help the needy will click on or type in your personal link to just sign up and become a team member.
Your team members will receive their own personal profile and link along with the monthly Good News newsletter after registering. They promote their link just like you did to begin to passionately build their own personal network of heroes.
It doesn’t get any easier than that. Make Life Easy will be distributing goods to a non-profit organization “THE ORANGE COUNTY RESCUE MISSION”. We are focusing exclusively on their Veterans program. The help they make available to the Veterans moves the Veterans from where they are to being a functioning part of society and that includes the needs of their families as well. We hope to donate $65,000.00 a month for every 1000 representatives in “Make Life Easy”. Here is a link that will take you to a page outlining what the Mission does for the Veterans and their families. https://www.rescuemission.org/programs/veterans/. Make Life Easy is a community that will be a hand of hope to the Veterans and their families; and a source of income and personal pride for its team members.